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Police Officers Decry Citizen Use Of Police Profiling Strategies To Combat Police Brutality August 10, 2020 news & eic & law_enforcement Police Officers in Nutley, N.J. are in a state of panicked shock after learning that a bout of their police brutality was publicized on Twitter, PORTLAND: Unidentified Federal Agents Unable to Get Insurance Claims Processed, Court Rules July 16, 2020 eic & portland & law_enforcement & corruption A district court in Portland, OR today ruled that the unidentified federal agents recently observed kidnapping American citizens with no regard for Unindentified Federal Agents Incensed At Lack Of Unmarked Vehicle Selection July 16, 2020 eic & portland & law_enforcement & corruption Multiple reports that Federal Agents engaged in extra-judicial kidnappings in the greater Portland area have entered complaints regarding the