The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute today released a statement requesting that the Republican president – obviously suffering from dementia, not to mention the willful racism on display through his political and personal histories – please cease and desist using [our] name as part of efforts to increase donations to his campaign fund.”

Reaction to the statement has been mixed on both sides, with a majority of commenters expressing confusion over the obvious references to former Republican president Ronald Reagan.

Isn’t Ronald Reagan dead? What’s he need campaign funding for?” asked one person on Twitter, summing up the general public sentiments.

When asked for further clarification, the RRPFI noted that they were talking about current president Donald J. Trump, and not deceased former president and Republican icon Ronald Reagan. We apologize for not using more specific descriptive features, such as a no apparent ideology beyond personal power’ and only in it for the money’.”

As of the date of this publication, the additional descriptors have only added to the public’s confusion between the two remarkably similar GOP icons.


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